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Of the beautiful Xcaret by Mexico parks, Xplor is one of the most adventurous, right next to adrenaline-filled Xavage.  As the most visited zipline park in the world, Xplor is jam-packed with exciting activities for the whole family.  My husband and I explored (pun intended) the park on our honeymoon and we had the most amazing time!  While I was there, I couldn't ignore how ideal the park is for a wedding group excursion, with its wide range of experiences and family-friendly appeal.  If you're interested in Xplor for your next trip, here are all the things you can expect!

Our trip to Xplor Park was during our honeymoon in Riviera Maya.  This was our first time at an Xcaret by Mexico park, although I knew much about them from my position here at Weddings by Funjet.  We were looking for a fun excursion for the middle of our week, and Xplor caught our eye because of the amphibious vehicles  that our Amstar tour representative pointed out (more on those later).  We arrived there in the morning after a short drive from our resort and entered through the park’s extensive cave system.  Immediately we were wowed by how different this felt from other parks we'd been to.  Right from the get-go you could tell that the natural environment played a large part in the park's theme.  We purchased a photo package so we didn't have to lug around our phones and dropped off our things in one of the lockers.  For a largely outdoor park, we were amazed by how clean it was, and you can tell right away  how much pride the park takes into giving guests a great experience.

Our first stop was El Corazón (pictured below).  It’s truly the heart of the park with its center location and is a perfect meeting point for families or just an easy way to remember where things are.  In this area you will also find the activity board.  Next to each ride, there are red, yellow and green light bulbs.  These lights indicate how busy each attraction is.  If it's red, you know you might be better off hopping on to something else in the meantime.  It's a brilliant way to maximize your time.

The morning hungers came in, so we made our way to the juice station where an assortment of cookies, juices, and smoothies were waiting to give us energy for the park.  All of your food and drinks are included in your visit, just don’t expect any alcoholic beverages.  It’s a nice, safe family park with activities that you want to be sober for!


Our first activity after eating was the Underground River Swim.  Because we were there quite early, there was hardly anyone else in the park yet and we had the whole river to ourselves.   For that reason, I suggest doing this activity first if you’re a couple looking for something romantic to start off your day.  The water is a little chilly upon entering, but you warm up quick and the underground caves are breathtaking.  It’s also a relaxed experience, so from little ones to grandparents, all guests can enjoy it.

Then there were the amphibious vehicles… oh, the amphibious vehicles!  These were our favorite.  There was never a wait for this ride, so we went back-to-back a few times.  The trail you follow is not like your hometown go-kart track.  Both trails had us driving for a solid 15 minutes, if not more!  They wound through the jungle, barreled over streams, and dove into caves.  We felt like giddy little kids on them and it was fun whether you were the driver or the passenger.  These were honestly worth the price of admission in themselves.

Following our amphibious driving spree, we were famished, so we strolled over to El Troglodita restaurant for a buffet lunch.  The meal was fantastic!  There were a lot of options, everything was fresh, and the breeze that blew through the open-concept dining area was so refreshing.

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for!  How was the ziplining?  I’m happy to report it holds up to its high standards.  There are two tracks totaling over two miles and each with varying intensities.  For beginners, a lower track is offered, while those looking for more of an adrenaline rush can ride the higher line.  Being our first time ever ziplining, we chose the former.  There are six lines total in this one, with a waterslide in between and a final line leading to a drop in the water.  My husband decided he really didn’t like heights after the first line, so it’s good to keep in mind that once you’re on the track, there isn’t a way to get off until the end.  If you want to feel like you’re flying through the air, then you will definitely love this!

For those that want a little less intense version of the ziplines, the Hammock Splash is a blast.  Another ride with short wait times, it’s a great little dip into the cenote.  I would definitely suggest bringing water shoes, which are versatile enough for the Hammock Splash as well as all the other rides.

Along with a secluded kid’s zone, there are plenty of ways to relax as well.  After we’d hit the trails with the amphibious vehicles about a hundred times, our old selves were happy to walk leisurely through the miles-long cave system.  I can’t even explain how beautiful the caves are in person.  It’s a part of the natural beauty of Mexico that we tend to forget because the white-sand beaches and tropical jungles tend to keep our attention.  It was an amazing experience and we can’t wait to go back!

I would definitely suggest Xplor as an excursion for wedding groups.  It has a little something for everyone from thrilling adventures to low-key exploration, is almost completely under jungle cover so less worry of sunburn, and it’s easy to get to it from virtually anywhere in Riviera Maya.  For even more excitement, Xplor Fuego offers their fun activities at night!  Twilight Ziplining?  Yes, please!

Feel free to send us an inquiry form to start your wedding group travel today, and check out more Xplor photos below!