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We get it ladies! This is the most important day to be captured forever. Take a deep breath. This doesn’t have to be a Mission Impossible moment. Our experts at Styling Trio have compiled a list of 5 essential tips to help you create the romantic look you’re after for your wedding day. These simple, straightforward tips will get you down the aisle looking romantically fabulous in no time.


A picture says a thousand words, but you need to say some too! Speak up. Makeup artists and hairstylists are not mind readers! However it is their job to listen and nail the look. The more information they have, the better chance they’ll get it right and the sooner you can feel at ease. Take time to explain the romantic look you desire. Don’t forget to communicate likes and dislikes. For example, if you hate the way you look with eyeliner on the bottom waterline (inside portion above your lower lashes), then your makeup artists needs to know that! Be detailed and pleeeease avoid broad terms like “I want it to look natural” because that means different things to different people. Remember, you’re aiming to get that look that will last a lifetime (in photos)!

romantic bridal look

💡 Tip: Bring photos or a vision board. Stylists are artists and artists are visual. Bring a visual representation of your wedding inspo. Clip photos, create a collage, digitally save photos to your phone, or pin the looks you love to a Pinterest board. Be sure the images closely represent the look you want. Don’t bring too many different looks because that can make it confusing. And lastly, bring the looks that you definitely don’t like to be sure the artists has the whole picture.


Oh the hair! Every romantic look starts with a base curl. Specify the type of curl you’re looking for. Shiny and loose? Bouncy ringlets? Bring photos of curled “down looks” to ensure the final result is what you desire. Braids are a good idea, but only when done properly. Nothing against Acapulco but according to Styling Trio, the infamous “Acapulco braid” is definitely out! To get that romantic style, you’ll want to keep hair loose with big pillowy braids.

romantic bridal look

Wispies are a signature part of a romantic look. Soft hairs falling down and sweeping the neck screams romance. But again, only when done correctly! Keep wispy strands starting from the front of the ear and falling back to the neck. With wispy hair, you also have to take into account how windy it is that day. These wispy bits of hair love to get caught in your lipgloss and it can be a royal pain! You’re ultimately trying to achieve an effortless look that gets nothing but great shots for the camera.

romantic bridal look

If you’re looking for volume but your hair is on the shorter side, opt for extensions. Be sure they’re 100% human hair as the unnatural hair blends don’t stand up against the heat of the styling tools.

💡 Tip: Definitely take into account what hairdo goes with the style of the dress and neckline. Ask your hairstylist’s opinion as they’ve seen many dresses and have matched styles to attire for years. They can certainly guide you.


Let’s keep this part of the makeup fresh with a little glow in the right places. So often we end up with a mask of unnecessary amounts of concealer and foundation. If you don’t normally wear that much, then why would you do that on your big day? “But wait, you need more makeup for your wedding day for the photos, right?!” FALSE. No, you don’t. Why? Because back when the camera lens was created you needed a full coverage foundation and lots of contouring and accentuation of features. Nowadays photographers use HD lenses and filters (like what you see on Instagram!). The photographic technology is far more advanced now and with the magic of proper lighting, heavy “stage makeup” is no longer needed. In fact, it’s considered out-of-style according to the experts at Styling Trio. In the end, why cover up when you can enhance!

romantic bridal look

Now onto the tone and finish. Dewy? Soft radiant glow? You need to know your color theory. This wonderful system allows you to correct and create beautiful skin without the weight. If you don’t know or are not sure, see #1. Communication! Discuss your color theory with your artists, include any skin issues you might have like discoloration of the skin as with melasma or rosacea. Also tell your artists what type of and how much makeup you normally use on a daily basis. This way he or she can guide you towards creating the most naturally flawless look for you.

💡 Tip: If you’re considering a spray tan for your big day, be sure to find a company that uses organic-based formula and ideally have it done two days prior to the wedding.



The eyes have it! Let’s talk eyeliner and eye color. We all wear it in our own way so tell your artist about that. Maybe you have an eyeliner look you’ve wanted to try but never knew how to execute it. Now is a great time to try it out before the wedding. If not, stick to your classic look. Just be you! As for color, black eyeliner is pretty standard but if you go for a bronzy or a deep plum liner, please just take into account your eye color and chosen color theory before moving forward.

romantic bridal look


Let’s talk cheek. The first thing you’ll probably think about is blush color. Today we have so many options when it comes to cheek colors and tints. Don’t forget to think about contour and highlighting as well. Highlight color? Will you go bronze, pearly bronze, shimmer or matte? Sure it’s overwhelming, so just stick to what feels good for you as cheek color and highlighting, there are no rules, but don’t overdo it when trying to achieve a soft romantic glow. When in doubt just check with the artists to make sure it goes with the rest of the look/color theory.

💡 Tip: Use a cream blush product first before applying your final color on top in a powder form. You’re then guaranteed to look cheeky all night long!

romantic bridal look


Such a delicate topic. Styling Trio Founder, Adrian Guerra says, “I remember way back to my cosmetic store days when I could be there all day with a client trying to pick out the right lipstick. It’s such a personal and emotional element. It speaks to a person’s mood and what they want to say.” Generally you want to think about what kind of lip color gal you are. Are you: Chapstick? Full on rouge? Glossy glam? Vampy? Nudey sheer? Pinky peach?

Then take it to the next level. You probably know what works best on you, but still, bring your entire lip collection! Have your artists help you narrow it down to find the ideal mix for the big day! You could even ask the artists to recommend a color to purchase beforehand. Once again, ladies, lips are so important. Just remember to keep it real. Your wedding day is no time to “experiment” with outrageous colors, effects, or shades.


As someone famous once said, “it’s all in the details.” Well we say, it’s all in the accessories! From headpieces to babies breath, stud earrings to hoops, so many choices today for every type of bride. Choose them wisely. Accessories could also be a good way to include a family heirloom.

💡 Tip: Bring all the accessories you have in mind with you to the trial or wedding day. This way you and your glam squad can figure it out together!

romantic bridal look

This is a team effort so make yourself part of the process. You know yourself better than anyone and your task is to share it with your glam squad. This does not mean you’re being a bridezilla either! It just means you’re trying to get it right so you can relax and go get married! This is going to be a monumental moment in your life, so treat it as such.

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